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Every product is realized with accordance to the enforced norms and subject to strict controls and tests tests determining their functionality, the reliability, the emergency and the efficiency. The refrigerators are constructed on the base of the Italian norm CEI 66/5 which is regulating the market in the scientific field, and in case of particular certification demands, coming especially from public sector, the company is under autocertification procedure. At the same time, the procedures to obtain the business certification, according to ISO 9000 have started, in order to guarantee for the product at an international level. But CTI does not neglect the prejudicial aspect of the notorius CFC: CTI apparatures are realized without CFC in accordance with the dispositions released at t in Montreal and London. Our equipment is constructed with accordance to the enforced norms CEI 66/5 , it answers to 601 norms IEC the Class 1 - Tipe B and to European norms IEC 62D (secretariat 12) and ESCHLE (H.E.I. 158/8/86). Moreover, our equipment adheres to the legislative dispositions of machinery directive 89/392 (CE brands) and to its further amendamenti.

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